Roof Trusses

Gillies Lumber has been in the business of estimating, designing, and manufacturing roof trusses for the residential, commercial and farm markets for over 30 years. Within the construction industry, we are known as a quality component manufacturer.

Truss manufacturing begins with a set of plans that our client supplies. An estimator creates a truss design from the information shown on the architectural drawings and calculates a price. The estimating file is sent to our production department where it is converted into production drawings. Trusses are then produced, packaged and shipped to the job site on roll-off trailers that place the load where it is most convenient for the contractor. Gillies can build trusses up to 80’ in length.

We offer a complete service to the builder, which includes in-house truss engineering, floor design, layout, a rough estimate and a truss consultation and review.

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